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Stay Cool with Selenium!

No matter how hot it gets this summer, Selenium will always be cool. We're all for making it easier for developers and QA teams to work together, and Selenium's support for all developer languages helps teams test earlier in the SDLC. That way they can release faster. And spend more time at the beach!

Perfecto brings Selenium test automation to the cloud through Selenium Remote WebDriver, allowing teams to develop and execute test code on real mobile devices and browsers in real time against real end-user conditions.

Celebrate Selenium This Summer!



Perfecto saves our customers $156 Million per year through the elimination of manual testing.

Here's How!

Minimize the Challenges of Digital Quality

Perfecto helps you modernize your testing infrastructure, instill best practice adherence, and streamline your digital quality strategies.

  • Perform App Tests on Real Devices

    Test on the Right Devices

    Perfecto’s quarterly Test Coverage Index combines industry, device and user data to provide a coverage strategy that reflects your users.

  • Automate Mobile App Testing

    Accelerate Manual Testing

    Test automation in The CQ Lab eliminates QA bottlenecks created by manual testing and helps your team achieve continuous integration and faster release cycles.

  • Support Agile Transformation

    Support Real End-user Conditions

    Gain insights on real-world user experiences by testing your app manually against various networks, locations, and both planned (incoming call) and unplanned (memory shortage) events.

  • Improve Team Collaboration

    Improve Cross-Team Collaboration

    Our CQ Lab supports the combined DevOps function, encouraging shared language, learning, and team efficiency.

  • Test on Over 100 Real Devices

    One Script. One Lab. Cross Platform Testing.

    Perform side-by-side functional testing on browsers and mobile devices. Now you can deliver a flawless digital experience across all viewports.

  • Remote Manual Testing

    Minimize Escaped Defects

    Mirror your customers’ environments by testing on real devices and under real-world network conditions, both good and bad.

We're Changing How Companies Deliver Great Digital UX

  • Cloud and DevOps Award 2016
  • Mobile Application Development Award and DevOps Solution Finalist
  • 2016 EY Entrepeneur of the Year Finalist
  • Best App Dev Platform / Tool
  • The Cloud Awards
Elevate automated 80% of functionality testing.


Elevate, a Texas-based online credit solutions company, uses Perfecto to align delivery of great desktop experiences while also ensuring a great mobile experience - with little automation code...


Financial Services



Paychex is a leading provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions. Perfecto helped them improve mobile test automation and agile development.

North America

Financial Services

R+V Versicherung AG

R+V Insurance

R+V is one of the largest insurance companies in Germany. They use their own test automation framework and Perfecto's Selenium WebDriver to automate test...



Virgin Media

Virgin Media

Virgin Media provides phone, television and broadband internet services to businesses and consumers in the UK. Adopting The CQ Lab allows them to achieve quality...

United Kingdom


14Highly Secure Data Centers

10K+Real Devices Worldwide to Test On

5M+Hours of Testing This Year

100%Real Devices, Not Emulators

Gartner Market Guide for Mobile App Test Automation Tools

Gartner cites Perfecto as a representative vendor in this report of mobile test automation. Read this complimentary report and discover the core capabilities required and top recommendations for mobile app development team leaders.

Download the Gartner Report >

Gartner Market Guide for Mobile App Test Automation Tools

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