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Achieve Continuous Quality Today

Continuous quality is about having complete control over the quality of your digital apps and websites throughout all stages of your application development lifecycle. Adopting continuous quality will increase the speed of development and reduce the number and severity of defects reaching production – ultimately cultivating higher end-user satisfaction.

Why use continuous quality?

Speed, Accuracy, and Engagement. Practicing Continuous Quality optimizes time-to-market (TTM), drives faster and more releases, and reduces risk by catching defects before they get to production.

The result: Greater innovation, improved user experience and ultimately, higher user engagement.

About Our Continuous Quality Lab

How does it work?

The value of Continuous Quality is realized by embedding an array of quality activities (different types of testing, code scanning, analysis and data correlation, for example) into every step of the SDLC.

You can achieve Continuous Quality success by implementing processes such as Continuous Integration, code coverage and test-driven development, and leveraging a complete The CQ Lab that enables the process to be executed 24/7 to ensure maximum stability and efficiency.

Who benefits from Continuous Quality?

  • Developer


    Create and test code continuously throughout the dev process. Perform manual and automated testing against real, connected devices. Access an always-on digital tests lab at anytime during the SDLC.

  • DevOps Manager

    Dev / Test

    Design and run both automated and manual test scenarios. With our Wind Tunnel™ solution, you can simulate and automate functional tests as well as real end-user conditions such as location, network, and apps running in the background.

  • Product Manager

    CI Team

    Ensure consistency and flawlessness of processes and environment. Integrate with today's popular continuous integration (CI) tools such as Jenkins CI.

  • Production Manager


    Monitor quality and performance of mobile apps running in production. Give teams access to the latest devices, browsers and OSs so you can deliver a great digital experience across every platform.

  • Deployment

    Ensure that all quality aspects have been verified and executed. Prior to deployment, run tests and share videos and screenshots of the testing scenarios with extended or remote teams.

  • Customer Support

    Gather end-user feedback to feed back into development. Support teams can easily access their digital test lab from any browser.


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Release Better Digital Apps Faster

Our Continuous Quality Lab helps you easily mobilize your brand by perfecting the digital experiences that define it. Our 14 highly-secure data centers are home to thousands of real devices that are accessed from any browser - simply leave the device management to us. Perfecto has saved our customers over $156M each year through the elimination of manual testing.



Accelerate your mobile app development and test cycles using an always-on automated testing environment. Integrate current processes and use the frameworks, IDEs and CI tools you already know and love.



Find bugs faster by running automated tests across multiple digital platforms. Perform functional and user-action tests such as taps and swipes. Ensure a flawless digital experience with screenshots and video playback.



Continuously optimize responsive web and mobile apps. Create user personas and test real-user conditions such as location and apps running in the background. Get real-time access to the latest devices, browsers and OSs.



Improve your feedback loop and resolve problems faster. Record and share manual and automated tests with distributed team members. Generate visual reports that detail what tests passed and what tests failed.



Paychex is a leading provider of payroll, human resource, and benefits outsourcing solutions. Perfecto helped them improve mobile test automation and agile development.

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Rapidly evolving digital engagement is redefining this un-named High Street Bank customers' digital strategy. Read how they gained complete visibility of their app’s behavior in production.

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