Fast Feedback and Quality Analysis Enable Digital Transformation and Agility

More tests to execute, more times than ever due to agile, and the driver is more frequent releases. The digital reality imposes another challenge that all of the above is being executed on a complex environment that includes many mobile, web and environment permutations.

DigitalZoom™ enables organizations to solve 3 big pains:

Extended Quality Health Visibility
Shorten Your Test Data Analysis Time
Fit Analysis Into Existing Tools and Processes
On-Demand access to digital quality dashboard and custom reports Focus more on feature development and validation, less on analysis Bridge gaps and drive ongoing communication across Dev, QA, and Biz
Ability to drive fast Go/No Go decision based on quality trends
Empower continuous quality while eliminating flaky tests for faster cycles Optimized quality strategy across the entire organization


For further information about Perfecto DigitalZoom Reporting check out these 10 Youtube videos below:
1. Video: How To Add Execution And Test Tags
2. Video:How To Add Failure And Exception Details To Your Report
3. Video: How To Add Jenkins Job Name And Build Number
4. Video: How To Add Jenkins Notification For Reporting To Your Slack Channel
5. Video: How to add reporting SDK to your existing project
6. Video: How To Add Reporting SDK With Dependencies Managment Tool (Gradle)
7. Video: How To Add Reporting TestNG Listener
8. Video: How To Add Start, Step and Stop Commands Into Your Existing Project
9. Video: How To Export Your Report In PDF Format
10. Video: How To Retrieve Reporting Data Using Public API (JSON)

To learn more and embed quality analysis into your existing workflows – please refer to: