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Side-by-Side Testing Across Mobile Devices and Browsers

Deliver the same experience cross-platform experience.

Understand Your Buyers' Journey and Deliver a Consistent User Experience

According to Criteo’s State of Mobile Commerce report, 4 out of 10 transactions today take place on multiple devices.

For Finn, he got a smart deal alert on his smart watch at 8 a.m. and his buyer journey began...

The mandate for app and website developers is clear. Break down the silo between web and mobile testing. It's time to look at usability and the platform used to consume data and services as a whole. It's your job to ensure that every transaction works consistently across every device and operating platform.

Get the sale and make Finn wicked happy!

Cross Platform Testing

One Script, One Lab for All Digital Platforms

  • Side-by-Side Testing of Web and Mobile

    Perfecto’s CQ Lab allows teams to test their digital engagement against connected mobile devices and browsers. Instead of jumping from one testing environment to another, everyone can access one digital test lab.

  • Test Digital Under Real-user Conditions

    Run automated functional and persona-based tests. Ensure digital quality with cross platform testing as well as real user conditions such as location, network type and speed, and apps running in the background.

  • Develop Inside Your Favorite IDE

    Support for Selenium Testing

    Automate test scripts across mobile devices and browsers using the tools you already rely on. Perfecto’s integrations are limitless. Learn more about Selenium testing.

  • Enterprise Grade Test Lab

    Highly secure cloud-based access gives team member the ability to perform mobile app and cross browser testing. With Perfecto, you'll also benefit from dedicated on-boarding and support services.

  • Isolate and Resolve Problems Faster

    Quickly compare and drilldown into problem areas. Share results with team members and speed issue resolution, and time-to-market.

  • See How It Works!

    Discover how Geico performs cross-platform testing on desktop browsers and two mobile devices at the same time.

Complete Guide to Building a Responsive Web Testing Strategy

Get Your Complete Guide to Responsive Web Design Testing

Successfully expanding your digital footprint across every browser, device, wearable and user scenario depends on best practice tools and processes. Find out about 5 things you can do ensure a great digital experience.

  • Add visual testing to your mobile and browser test automation scenarios
  • Execute client-side performance testing using one digital lab
  • Perform side by side testing and cross-platform testing
  • Integrate real-user condition testing with functional testing
  • Use analytics to build one digital test coverage plan and test responsive web design

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Cross Browser Testing of Web and Mobile on Real Devices

Accelerate your app and responsive web development by running all our functional testing from one digital quality lab. Perform side-by-side testing on mobile devices and browsers. Create personas based on your users and automate cross-platform testing of real-user scenarios. Adopt Perfecto's one digital lab.

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One Digital Lab - See How It Works

One Digital Lab. Simply login to your cloud.
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Select the Mobile Devices You Want to Test On

Select the Mobile Devices You Want to Test On - More about Test Coverage
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Browser Compatibility Testing

Select the Browser OS, Version, and Resolution You Want to Test Against
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Side by Side Testing of Web and Mobile

Select Multiple Devices and Browsers and Run Side by Side Tests
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Test Responsive Web Design

Run Functional and Real-user Condition Testing of Your Responsive Website
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Leverage Selenium WebDriver

Develop and Execute Cross-platform Tests from Inside the Eclipse IDE

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Side by Side Testing of Web and Mobile

Test responsive web design using some of these best practice resources, tools and processes.

Factors Magazine #8 - The Reference Guide for Planning, Building & Releasing Apps

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Why Apps Succeed: 4 Keys to Winning the Digital Quality Game

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It's New. It's Free. Digital Test Coverage Optimizer

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Online Tools

How to Create the Right Web and Mobile Test Strategy

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One Script. One Lab. Ensure Cross Platform Digital Quality.

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The Complete Guide to Building a Responsive Web Testing Strategy

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White Paper

Executing Selenium Test Automation Across All Digital Platforms

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On-demand Webinar

The Digital Experience: Why Quality Is Job One - An Interview with Roi Carmel

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Responsive Web Design Development and Testing

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Find Additional Digital Quality Assets by Visiting the Perfecto Resource Center

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White Paper

The Digital Experience: Why Quality Is Job One

Check out our interview with Roi Carmel, SVP of Products and Corporate Strategy. Hear how digital engagement is changing consumer behavior and introducing technical challenges for DevOps teams who must deliver great user experiences across web and mobile.

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Selenium WebDriver - See How It Works!

Responsive Web Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

Unite mobile and browser test automation using our digital ready Selenium WebDriver. Develop and execute your test code continuously across real mobile devices and browsers, in real-time, and under real end-user conditions from inside the Eclipse IDE.

About Selenium WebDriver

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New integration with SAP HANA Cloud Platform offers testing of pre-release apps before publishing to employees enterprise-wide. Boston, MA - Perfecto Mobile , a leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced integration of its cloud-based test lab, the Continuous Quality Lab , with mobile services on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform. The...

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Boston, MA - Perfecto Mobile , the market leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced the availability of their Ultimate Digital Test Coverage Toolkit , a free “starter package” that guides Test, DevOps and Product Development teams to make better-informed decisions about their web and mobile test strategies across devices and...

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Perfecto Cited As A Leader for Mobile Front-End Test...

Boston, MA - Perfecto Mobile , the market leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced it has been cited as a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Front-End Test Automation Tools , Q2 2016.” In its 40-criteria evaluation of mobile front-end test automation tools, Forrester Research, Inc. identified the 10 most...

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Perfecto Expands Focus from Mobile to Digital with the Next...

Boston, MA - Perfecto Mobile, the market leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced the next version of its cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab ™ (CQL) that expands test coverage from mobile web and apps to include web browsers on desktops. The enhancement provides enterprises with the most complete quality lab, allowing Dev...

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Perfecto Mobile’s Expanded Microsoft Azure Marketplace...

Microsoft Build 2016, San Francisco – Perfecto Mobile , the market leader in empowering enterprises to deliver high-quality digital experiences, today announced an expanded offering in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace that allows DevOps teams to test web, hybrid and native apps in an exclusive cloud-based test lab. Perfecto is also offering this extended version of its Continuous...

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Perfecto and Microsoft Announce New Mobile Web and App...

BOSTON, MA USA – Perfecto Mobile , the market leading provider of high-quality digital and mobile experiences for enterprises, announces new integrations for mobile testing with Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online. Perfecto’s tight integrations connect its cloud-based test lab, Continuous Quality Lab™ , to Microsoft’s developer tools to enable automated mobile web...

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Perfecto Raises $35 Million and Adds New Investor...

Boston, MA – Perfecto Mobile, the leader in enabling high-quality digital and mobile experiences for enterprises, today announced it has raised a $35 million investment from new investor Technology Crossover Ventures (TCV), with continued participation from existing investors FTV Capital, Carmel Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners and Vertex Ventures. The latest capital...

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Perfecto Mobile Expands Focus to Digital Experience with...

Boston, MA – Perfecto Mobile , the leader in delivering high-quality digital experiences announces Wind Tunnel™. The industry-first solution breaks through the barrier of connecting development teams and their target end-users, allowing them to focus on the precise experience of those users when testing their apps. Wind Tunnel™ optimizes testing for end-user conditions by...

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First UK-based Mobile App Market Coverage Benchmark...

LONDON, UK - Perfecto Mobile , has released unique research to help UK app developers, product managers, testers and marketers stay ahead of the ever-changing mobile market. As digital engagement continues to be the primary way brands reach customers, it's too risky to simply "assume" that apps and websites will work on the wide range of devices used by consumers. True app...

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