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Selenium Testing Is So Cool!

We're all for making it easier for developers and QA teams to work together, and Selenium's support for all developer languages helps teams test earlier in the SDLC. That way they can release faster.

Perfecto brings Selenium test automation to the cloud through Selenium Remote WebDriver, allowing teams to develop and execute test code on real mobile devices and browsers in real time against real end-user conditions. We also provide:

  • Same-day desktop browser and mobile OS / device support
  • Freedom to use your preferred development languages. Perfecto customers can develop tests in Selenium in Java, JavaScript, C#, Python using various IDE’s
  • Global availability for Perfecto customers to execute Selenium testing (14 data centers around the world)
  • Ability to do tests with Selenium based on locations and persona traits
  • Enhanced test automation capabilities such as visual object analysis are integrated with Selenium for test case assertions, UX testing and more

We love Selenium here at Perfecto!
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