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Test and Automate Apps Under Real-user Conditions

Meet Perfecto's Wind Tunnel

Instead of running only functional tests such as login, search, payment, checkout, etc. under generic conditions, Wind Tunnel allows you to test your mobile apps under the same environmental profiles as your users – including location, preferred device(s), network coverage, and other apps running in the background.

Wind Tunnel is just another way that Perfecto helps you deliver great digital experiences every time, to everyone.

  • Test Every Digital Experience

    Use Wind Tunnel™ to expand testing to end-user conditions such as location, preferred apps, network availability (WiFi to Cellular), device conditions, and peak usage.

  • Develop Inside Your Favorite IDE

    Integrate with Selenium and Appium

    Wind Tunnel is part of our Perfecto Test Automation solution. It will work inside the mobile app development and testing environment you already rely on. Learn more about Perfecto’s integrations.

  • Use Point of Interest (POI) Testing to Find Blind Spots

    POI tests will help you pinpoint specific performance and functionality issues such as an online purchase taking too long, or Facebook eating away at CPU. Wind Tunnel will provide detailed dashboard views and reporting so that you can identify and fix the issues before you release them.

  • Create Custom or Use Pre-defined Personas

    With Perfecto you can test across unique personas like Georgia, a corporate road warrior living in Manhattan. Her network is constantly connected but frequently changes from WiFi to Cellular, and she is passionate about brands such as Apple, Verizon, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Expensify and Chase.

  • Generate Interactive Reports Enable Real-time Analysis

    The timeline report will show POI results, timer reports, event stats such as device orientation, apps open or closed, network performance and speed, location, checkpoints and failed actions.

  • Test Automation

    Pump Up Digital Test Automation

    By leveraging our Wind Tunnel™ technology, you can progress from traditional functional test automation to testing real user environments such as network conditions, locations, screen orientation, incoming alerts, app vitals and timers, and background-running apps.

Build Out Sophisticated User Profiles that Pinpoint the Blind Spots

As consumer usage patterns change, so must your test scenarios. To achieve true mobile quality, Perfecto believes you need to bring your users to the lab. The Perfecto Wind Tunnel feature offers a set of user profiles that assist in defining what real user conditions need to be emulated during testing. The goal of the Wind Tunnel is to help you find blind spots that may only be revealed to certain users. The best part? Once you pinpoint the user scenario and failure, you can fix it and then run that same user profile test everytime your release an app upgrade - automated tests that are repeatable and consistent.

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Easily Find User-based Blind Spots

We invite you to learn more!

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Meet Our Pre-defined Personas

  • Reuters
  • "Perfecto's tools and support are an important parts of our mobile quality arsenal -- helping us to deliver a superior user experience to our customers."

    Ron Kozoman, Head of Mobile Operations, Thomson Reuters

  • Tangerine
  • "Perfecto not only delivered great testing and automation tools that integrate with our environment, but they’ve been a valued partner that truly understands our mobile vision and expectations."

    Charaka Kithulegoda, CIO, Tangerine

  • "Device management was a huge benefit of the solution. We want to test on the actual devices customers are using. We are simply unwilling to put customers at risk. Adding devices through Perfecto Mobile was more efficient than acquiring them internally."

    Sharon Chamberlain, Test Automation Manager, Paychex

  • Rabobank
  • "Unattended automation is all about running more tests in less time. With Perfecto we’ve been able to increase our test coverage and test more platforms using one script."

    Kwo Ding, Test Manager, Rabobank

  • "Perfecto's Continuous Quality Lab enables dev/test teams to continuously test the functionality and performance of their mobile apps. Teams are able to execute test scripts simultaneously across iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms in their own private cloud."

    Joe Larrizza, President, TASSQ

  • AccuWeather
  • "Perfecto is an indispensable part of our digital QA effort. We understand that finding and fixing defects quickly in this highly competitive environment is a massive key to our success. The CQ Lab lets us drill down to specific device-OS-browser combinations that we couldn't find elsewhere."

    Martin Schrick, QA Team Lead, AccuWeather

  • T-Mobile
  • "Our customers depend on us to deliver the best quality services. Perfecto’s testing solutions bring automation and innovation to T-Mobile labs and are a perfect complement to our testing efforts."

    Grant Castle, VP Engineering Services, T-Mobile

  • Rabobank
  • "To us, being agile means responding to the market demand. With Perfecto we’ve been able to quickly respond to what the market and our users demand, and deliver better quality apps and services."

    Hardy Seinhorst, Digital Program Manager, Rabobank

  • PayPal
  • "Perfecto’s CQ Lab helps us expand our mobile test automation coverage. By using their Open API, we wrote a simple plug-in for NEMO - our existing node.js open-source framework - enabling our mobile and web teams to run test automation on real devices, utilizing dev languages they already know."

    Matt Edelman, Software Framework Architect, PayPal

  • "R+V decided a cloud-based environment that offered real devices for testing was a must to deliver a high-quality user experience."

    Dierk Jordan, Test Manager, R+V Insurance

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