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App Monitoring Under Real-user Conditions

Proactively monitor your mobile apps to accelerate awareness and resolution of production incidents.

Proactively Measure Performance

Test Across Multiple Devices

Get Real-time Alerts of Performance Degradations

Proactively measure your app by getting real-time alerts as performance degradations are happening, often before users are impacted.

Enterprise Grade Security

Reduce Risks in Production

Idenitfy Risks in Production

Protect Your Brand by Fixing Performance Issues Faster

Reduce risks in production through continuous monitoring of key user transactions. This will reduce “mean time to know” and accelerate “mean time to resolve.”

About Continuous Quality

Minimize False Negatives

Minimize False Positives

Alerts Keep Your Team on Track

A fault tolerant, 24/7 monitoring lab will decrease the amount of false negative alerts and keep efforts focused on actual production issues.

Isolate Blindspots with Wind Tunnel

Improve Collaboration

Improve Team Collaboration

DevOps Can Fix Issues Faster and More Efficiently

Our tool serves both sides of the DevOps wall, encouraging shared language, shared learning, and team efficiency.

Master DevTest Jargon
Forrester Wave: Mobile Front-End Test Automation Tools

The Solutions of The CQ Lab

  • Manual Testing

    Cloud-based Testing

    Ease the pain and limitations of mobile manual testing and ensure a flawless user experience by verifying the functionality and interoperability of your mobile app under complex, real-world scenarios. Test load, speed, geography, gestures and more.

  • Test Automation

    Automate App Testing Across All Digital Platforms

    Reduce time-to-market and gain a high level of continuous integration. With Perfecto your team can run test scripts, plus you can leverage the automation frameworks you already use - including Appium, Selenium and HP UFT.

  • Performance Testing

    Make Performance Testing Part of Your SDLC

    Assure high end user experiences and reduce the time it takes to fix response times and availability-related defects. Leverage visual reports, logs and video to achieve testing goals.

  • Mobile Monitoring

    Proactively Monitor Usability and Performance

    Accelerate awareness and resolution of production incidents. Our rich reports provide actionable information for quickly isolating root cause – enabling you to access the empirical data you need to establish benchmarks and validate app readiness.

Generate Your Prioritized List of Devices

Simply select your test coverage requirements and the Digital Test Coverage Optimizer will do the rest.