For mobile operators, being first to market with new smartphones, value added services and applications is critical for customer retention and revenue generation. But speed is not enough if it comes at the expense of quality. Your end users expect a flawless experience, and anything less will result in a deluge of support calls and even churn.

Given the ever-growing number of devices and applications on the market, ensuring the interoperability of devices, services, and networks is becoming ever more complex. To meet their business needs, mobile operators require an end-to-end testing and monitoring solution to support a wide range of activities

Challenges for MobileOperators

  • Certification of new handsets across mobile operating systems.
  • Manual and automated testing of new pre-launched applications.
  • Quality of service for mobile services, such as SMS, Browsing, or Data connectivity, via incoming events.
  • Service Assurance and Monitoring of mobile services on real devices (avoid revenue leakage).
  • Testing of roaming services in real-time (from an end user perspective).
  • Debugging deployed mobile applications and troubleshooting end user issues on real devices.

Perfecto Solution for Mobile Operators

Perfecto offers mobile operators a solution that specifically addresses these key challenges. Based on the The CQ Lab, this end-to-end mobile quality solution enables mobile operators to deploy their mobile applications with confidence to their end users.

The CQ Lab for Moble Operators

This solution allows mobile operators to enjoy:

  • Telco-Grade MobileCloud - Secure (either Hosted/On-Premises) cloud using real devices (smartphones, tablets, emulators) for efficient testing and monitoring operations.
  • Manual testing on real devices - Enables execution of real world actions on real devices (voice, data, messaging, applications and more).
  • Device-agnostic automated testing - Using our patented ScriptOnce™ technology, operators can automate business case scenarios and run them on multiple real devices in their network (either through Perfecto Mobile's native automation or HP UFT Mobile).
  • Monitoring end user experience on real devices - Enables operators to know exactly what their users are experiencing in terms of availability and performance. A northbound API to NMS supports real time fault management handling. Network degradation alarms pinpointing the relevant issue are sent to NMS and the advanced management console (dashboard).
  • Rich media reporting - Produces detailed and shareable reports (video-based, HTML, screenshots) for defect reproduction and better end user services.
  • Roaming testing – Enables allocation of devices in various geographies worldwide to enable manual or automated verification of these roaming services on a continuous basis.