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The Only Hybrid Quality Cloud

Choose the Cloud Deployment that Works for Your Enterprise

Chances are, there isn't one deployment method that meets all your testing requirements, so we offer highly-secure hybrid cloud options for you to choose from. Don't purchase separate cloud and local solutions, we have the enterprise covered and we'll help you manage all your diverse test cases with one customized lab designed by you.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Hosted, Private Clouds

For enterprises requiring 24/7 device access to distributed teams, a hosted, private cloud is the ideal deployment of choice. A private cloud is provided as a hosted, platform-as-a-service or installed on the company premises.

About Private Clouds

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Public, Shared Cloud

Our public cloud configuration is a shared cloud comprised of over 150 devices in the market. Devices are shared among users and are constantly updated. A reservation system lets users define their needs in advance and reserve devices for a specific time slot.

About Our Public Cloud

Local Cloud

Local, On-Prem Cloud

Our "Cloud in a Box" lets teams quickly set up a mobile app testing lab that can be accessed within a company's corporate network. The lab provides inside-the-firewall access to a local cloud of smartphones.

About On-premise Clouds

Generate Your Prioritized List of Devices

Simply select your test coverage requirements and the Digital Test Coverage Optimizer will do the rest.


Recently Added Devices

Below is just a sampling of the thousands of live devices that you can test your apps on. View our Supported Devices list.

  • Surface Pro 4


    Surface Pro 4

    Windows 10

  • Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch


    iPad Pro 9.7''


  • LG G5




  • Samsung Galaxy S7


    Galaxy S7


  • Google Nexus 6P


    Nexus 6P


  • Apple iPhone SE


    iPhone SE


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


    Galaxy Tab S2


  • Sony Xperia Z5


    Xperia Z5


  • Surface Pro 3


    Surface Pro 3

    Windows 10

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


    Galaxy S6 edge+


  • Nexus 5X


    Nexus 5X


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A


    Galaxy Tab A


  • Apple iPhone 6


    iPhone 6


  • Apple iPad Mini 4


    iPad Mini 4


  • Google Nexus 9


    Nexus 9


  • HTC One A9


    One A9


Step Inside One of Our Worldwide Data Centers

Benefit from the highest Level of security, connectivity and reliability. Learn more about our highly-secure data centers.

  • Wakefield, MA US

    Wakefield, MA US

    Our global data center footprint opens the way for us to deliver cloud-based access to public and privately managed devices.

  • Chandler, AZ US

    Chandler, AZ US

    Our West Coast data center features energy efficient power and cooling and military-like security access and procedures.

  • London, UK

    London, UK

    Our global data centers help localize your testing - delivering access to the devices, OSs and carriers that are important to your business.

  • Ontario, Canada

    .Our Canadian data center resides in an ultra-secure and redundant facility in a brand new enterprise data center launched in 2015.

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Build Apps, Not Infrastructure

Our cloud-based CQ Lab has everything you need to deliver great digital experiences – secure access, compliance and network availability.

  • Locked

    Data Security

    In addition to compliance and access security controls, all devices are locked inside access-controlled steel cases. We always align with industry best practices including NIST and ISO 27002 control frameworks.

  • Secure Access

    Biometric Access

    We rely on the latest and most reliable security access controls including biometric readers, mantraps and CCTV monitoring. Every data center also includes 24-hour managed security that includes foot patrols and perimeter inspections.

  • Risk and Compliance

    Risk and Compliance

    Perfecto’s 14 global data centers include certifications for SOC2 & PCI, 508 Compliance, and Safe Harbor. We are also certified with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and are TRUSTe Verified.

  • Network Communications

    Network Optimized

    Access our clouds via high bandwidth networks that connect to all major carriers and are located near major Internet hubs. Data is transmitted across encrypted links and each center is designed around reliable disaster recovery.

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