For Android mobile developers, you can now launch your latest build on multiple devices with various network conditions and environment preferences at the same time instantly using the ‘Run on the Cloud’ button made available with Perfecto’s plugin for Android Studio.


  1. Pre-requisite:
    1. Install Android Studio -
    2. Install Perfecto plugin for Android Studio
    3. Download sample app (.apk) -
      Download the app as .zip file and extract it.


  2. Step by step:
    1. Open the android-calculator-master app project.
    2. Open 3 Android devices from Perfecto Android Studio plugin


      1. Click the open device button
      2. Select an android device and click “open”


      3. Repeat this step 3 times to open 3 devices


      1. Run on the cloud – Click  “Run on the cloud button. The app will automatically compile locally, upload to the cloud, deployed and opened on all the devices that are opened on the plugin.


      1. Now you can easily interact with the devices and validate if the app looks or operate differently on one of those devices.