About InfoStretch

InfoStretch is a leading provider of mobile and enterprise QA services and solutions. Our offerings range from enterprise QA, mobile application development, testing, and automation to certification and sustenance. We’ve been providing expert solutions and services to various large and strategic players in the mobile ecosystem including enterprises, carriers, app stores, VAS, and ISVs to actualize their mobile and QA strategy very successfully.

Enterprise and technology organizations interested in developing better, faster, more reliable mobile apps are utilizing InfoStretch’s extensive mobile test, QA expertise and pre-built test frameworks based on our test automation environment. This combination is helps customers reduce test cycle time by as much as 60-80% while enhancing customer engagement and loyalty at the same time.

About the Partnership

The combination of Perfecto’s comprehensive, on-demand test automation environment for mobile and InfoStretch’s expert business analysis, integration and pre-built test frameworks helps enterprises optimize their QA and testing processes, accelerate customer release cycles and ensure end-user acceptance and satisfaction. As a result, customers get maximum impact and ROI from their mobile initiatives – and they get it faster.

Benefit From The Partnership

  • Parallel execution between InfoStretch development & Perfecto test automation
  • Seamless integration between development and QA
  • Reduction of execution cycles by 60%-80%
  • Support for Agile – Reduce your regression cycles by 80%
  • Seamless integration with CI, automation frameworks, and IDEs
  • Support for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry

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