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Drive Adoption Through a Flawless Fiori and Mobile User Experience

Today's constant push for improved business processes and work productivity is driving you to mobilize backend applications. But mobilizing some of these applications can be a daunting task, especially when you need to deliver these apps based on user roles and workflows. What's more, you have to ensure that your apps work consistently across every digital platform - desktop, tablet, smartphone and wearable.

SAP Software Solutions

“A successful digital user experience often relies on quality practices in the systems development lifecycle and can result in improved efficiencies that allow for further innovation. A shared vision, paired with Perfecto’s cloud-based test lab, will help users of SAP HANA Cloud Platform to deliver high-quality apps to the mobile workforce, and help shape the future of the digital workforce.“

Yariv Zur, VP Product Management, User Experience Platform, SAP

The SAP / Perfecto Advantage

Launch Apps and Features Faster

Accelerate app development cycle through test automation and a faster feedback loop.

Use Your Favorite Development Tools

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite development toolkit.

Improve Every User Experience

Create personas and test functional and real-world conditions such as location, network, and apps running in the background. 

Test Anywhere

Let your users enjoy the freedom of choosing their own devices and upgrading when they want to.

How does it work?

Launch Perfecto's real device test lab from inside your SAP development environment. Achieve faster feedback and ensure a B2C user experience for your B2E apps.

Perfecto for SAP Delivers Faster Feedback

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Using SAP HANA Cloud and Perfecto's Automated Testing Cloud

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