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No one ever said mobile app development and testing was easy, but some brands are struggling more than others. What about you? Find out where you are and then check out the five stages of mobile quality survey results.

40% of Survey Respondents were Toddlers


You build your app using mostly waterfall development techniques, and your team performs manual testing. Very little test automation is involved.

App Update Rate: 2 to 3 times per year

We recommend:


Development is slightly more efficient, and your testing is done by developers who are only starting to use automation tools. Updating your app is still a slow process.

App Update Rate: Quarterly

We recommend:

  • Integrate your developer and QA tools such as Jenkins.
  • Increase Test Coverage. Our quarterly Digital Test Coverage Index guides you in making sure you are testing on the right digital platforms.

15% of Survey Respondents were Tweeners

18% of Survey Respondents were Young Adults


Your team is growing up, and now you're using some test automation tools. You've also started to perform mobile app testing in a small cloud lab

App Update Rate: Every 45 days

We recommend:


You’ve unlocked the key to success by adding unattended automation and a continuous integration server into your mobile app game plan.

App Update Rate: Monthly

We recommend:

  • Automate all app testing and mobile monitoring in a managed cloud.
  • Hear how customers like Virgin Media achieved quality that goes beyond mobile apps.

15% of Survey Respondents were Tweeners

11% of Survey Respondents were Elder Statesman


You’ve reached full maturity. Your digital team is fully agile, and they use a cloud-based testing lab with real devices.

App Update Rate: Weekly

We recommend:

Are You Mature? Read The 5 Stages of Mobile Quality

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