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Functional Testing

Perfecto Mobile offers enterprise mobile app development teams a functional testing solution that delivers test automation, performance and mobile monitoring, and developer integration's that will allow you to leverage your existing ALM tools.

The Functional Testing Challenges for Today's Mobile Enterprise

The fragmented and unpredictable mobile market mandates “mobile-ready” test automation for optimal test coverage, continuous testing, and the fast delivery of high-quality mobile apps. Today's enterprise mobile app development teams must seamlessly, and continuously, create, execute and manage thousands of automated test scripts across all mobile devices, OSs, carrier networks and geo-locations.

What is functional testing? Functional testing is a quality assurance (QA) process that tests basic user interactions with the app such as launching the app, logging in, playing a song, checking an account balance and other straightforward user flows.

What's more, to meet the aggressive time lines for releasing new mobile apps to the market, they need to implement an automated and unattended functional automation testing solution as part of their application lifecycle managemert (ALM) process. This solution must support device-agnostic scripting that will facilitate the development and maintenance of test scripts, and it must give remote teams access to test scripts, reports and logs for easy debugging and re-use.

A reliable functional testing solution should be able to handle the increasing complexity of today's mobile applications. It must support different types of objects, such as Native, Visual, and Web, and mobile apps, such as Native, Web, and Hybrid, as well as emerging technologies, including voice recognition, NFC, and many more. When enterprises deploy the right mobile testing solutions, they will conquer the constant changes in the mobile market with minimal maintenance and cost.

Best Practices for Enhancing Functional Testing

Functional testing of apps across every device, OS, browser and location can be daunting. Here are some resources that may guide you.

Why Apps Succeed - Four Ways You Can Overcome Testing Challenges

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The Ultimate Test Coverage Guide

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How to Create the Right Web and Mobile Test Strategy

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The Complete Guide to Building a Responsive Web Testing Strategy

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Mobile DevTest Dictionary - Terminology from A to Z

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How to Test Mobile Apps Under Real User Conditions

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Testing Mobile Apps under Real User Conditions


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Don't Just Build a Mobile Testing Lab. Build a Continuous Quality Lab

In addition to automated functional testing, your continuous quality mobile app testing environment should include solutions for manual testing, performance testing and mobile monitoring. Key requirements include:

  • Infinite access to real mobile devices. Easily and securely access new and legacy devices from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Manual and interoperability testing. Test common use cases such as gestures, logins, text entry and power cycling, but also complex use cases which cannot be automated, or require end-user involvement.
  • Continuous testing across the SDLC. Ability to execute functional and non-functional testing from build and user acceptance to post-launch performance monitoring.
  • Agnostic code support. Write once, run anywhere. Develop test code in Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Perl or Python.
  • Open APIs and extensions. Seamless integrations to IDEs, test frameworks, and build automation tools.
  • Team collaboration. Share testing results, reports and insights with remote and offshore test teams.

Digital Test Coverage Index for Real-user Condition and Functional Testing
Are you testing on the right digital platforms?
App Annie and Perfecto have teamed up to help! Download our quarterly Digital Test Coverage Index and create a comprehensive functional testing strategy that focuses on the most relevant digital platforms.

How can Perfecto Mobile help?

Perfecto Mobile offers a complete functional testing solution that will help your enterprise deliver better mobile apps faster. Our Continuous Quality Lab (CQLab) enables you to conduct manual and automated testing on thousands of real devices in a secure and governed environment.  You can access devices via our shared Public Cloud, a dedicated Private Cloud or both - the hybrid Cloud.

You can test complex manual scenarios, such as mobile interoperability cases, or you can visualize your customers user experience for yourself - how does your app behave when a call, SMS, or email is received? How does your app perform with voice related actions? What does your customer experience when he/she tries to place an order? As you know, mobile app use cases are unlimited! The best part? You can record testing results and then share screenshots and videos with team members for further testing, debugging and compliance auditing.

Perfecto Mobile's test automation solution lets you automate frequently run test scripts in an unattended and secured manner.  Our Patented ScriptOnce™ technology lets you create and run device-agnostic test scripts across multiple platforms, devices and OSs. We also integrate with some of today's major IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio, UFT / QTP, Xcode), test frameworks (Selenium, Calabash), and build automation tools (Jenkins). This gives you the opportunity to work in the environment that you are already familiar with.

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Perfecto Delivers One Digital Quality Lab

Our Continuous Quality Lab™ is the only testing tool that allows developers and testers to test their websites and mobile apps across multiple devices and browsers. We also integrate with the test automation frameworks, IDEs and other development tools you already love.


Develop Inside Your Favorite IDE

Leverage the Tools You Already Know

Seamlessly integrate with the CI, automation frameworks, and IDEs you already rely on. Our integrations, including Selenium, Appium, Eclipse and Visual Studio, are unlimited.

Open and Integrated


Test Anywhere, Anytime

Test Mobile Apps and Websites On Real Devices and Browsers

Perform side-by-side testing and verify the look and feel of digital experiences in complex, real-world scenarios.

About Remote Manual Testing


Automate Mobile App Testing

Speed Up Testing And Automate Scripts

Execute automation scripts across multiple devices connected to live carrier networks. Perfecto saves our customers over $156M per year thru the elimination of manual testing.

Cross-platform Test Automation


Monitor Mobile Apps

Monitor the Complete Digital Experience

Measure the user experience quality of key actions that will impact how your app is rated.

Monitor Mobile Apps


Continuously Improve Usability and Performance

Execute performance testing to identify and optimize network and resource challenges before they become a big problem. Leverage real-user condition testing to see how your apps perform under varying platform and test coverage environments.

Optimize Digital Performance

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