Keeping pace with the mobile market requires the ability to quickly deploy new mobile apps and updates. DevOps team must stay on top of the continuous demands for new features, fixes and platform support. To stay ahead, you must adopt an agile testing cycle which is built into your application lifecycle management (ALM) process - delivering continuous integration. By implementing a continuous integration approach you will accelerate release cycles and deliver better quality apps.

Continuous Integration Challenges for Today's DevOps Teams

  • Time To Market - The ability to quickly introduce new mobile app functionality and bug fixes to users and the market.
  • Platform Coverage - With all the worldwide devices, OSs and network carriers, today's mobile app development team needs an integrated development platform that allows for development on all available platforms.
  • Device Access - Device management is time consuming and costly. Agile teams need early and easy access to new devices without the headache.
  • Global Collaboration - Ability to collaborate and share testing results with offsite and offshore DevOps team members.
  • Testing Complex Scenarios – Test real-user scenarios such as SMS, voice, camera, and GPS under real life conditions.
  • Device Security – Devices running new mobile apps must be kept secure at all times - particularly in pre-production scenarios.