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Our Selenium WebDriver Extension

Shift Mobile App and Browser Testing Left Using the Automated Selenium Framework

Shift your digital quality practices left using our mobile ready Selenium Remote WebDriver solution. Develop and execute your Selenium test code continuously on real mobile devices and browsers, in real-time, and in real end-user conditions from inside the Eclipse IDE.

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See a parallel test across multiple devices using Selenium automation.

Cross-platform Testing Using Selenium WebDriver

Automate testing of web and mobile apps. Here are some automation best practice resources, tools and tips.

Best Practices for Expanding Quality into the Build Cycle

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Selenium Automation Like You've Never Seen!

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Factors Magazine #8 - The Reference Guide for Planning, Building & Releasing Apps

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7 Recommendations to Overcome Test Automation Obstacles

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Executing Selenium Test Automation Across All Digital Platforms

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Execute Selenium Tests Side by Side on Desktop and Mobile Browsers

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The Complete Guide to Building a Responsive Web Testing Strategy

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Shift Mobile Testing Left Using Selenium and Eclipse


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Mobile DevTest Dictionary - Terminology from A to Z

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How to Test Mobile Apps Under Real User Conditions

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Introducing Perfecto Continuous Quality Lab for Appium

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Unite Browser Compatibility Testing with Mobile Device Testing

Accelerate your app and responsive web development by running all our functional testing from one digital quality lab. Perform side-by-side testing on mobile devices and browsers. Create personas based on your users and automate cross-platform testing of real-user scenarios. Adopt Perfecto's one digital lab.

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One Digital Lab - See How It Works

One Digital Lab. Simply login to your cloud.
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Select the Mobile Devices You Want to Test On

Select the Mobile Devices You Want to Test On - More about Test Coverage
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Browser Compatibility Testing

Select the Browser OS, Version, and Resolution You Want to Test Against
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Side by Side Testing of Web and Mobile

Select Multiple Devices and Browsers and Run Side by Side Tests
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Test Responsive Web Design

Run Functional and Real-user Condition Testing of Your Responsive Website
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Leverage Selenium WebDriver

Develop and Execute Cross-platform Tests from Inside the Eclipse IDE

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Test in Real-user Conditions from Inside the Eclipse IDE

  • Improve Team Collaboration

    Execute In An Unattended Environment

    Make our Selenium WebDriver plugin part of your continuous integration (CI) process and test your digital user experiences across multiple browsers and devices located in highly secure data centers.

  • Perform App Tests on Real Devices

    Support All Digital Platforms

    Our CQ Lab is device and app style agnostic support. Your team can develop, deploy and test apps on any digital environment - Smartphones, Desktops, Tablets and Wearables.

  • Idenitfy Risks in Production

    Extend Your Test Code Execution

    Rely on a better, mobile-ready Selenium testing and extend your test code execution with mobile specific capabilities such as install app, device vitals (CPU, Battery, etc.), browser open, plus more.

  • Rely On A Better Testing Lab

    Integrate with Eclipse IDE

    Our browser and mobile device testing lab is compliant and integrated into the Eclipse IDE. Benefit from full object analysis support using XPATH, CSS, Object ID’s, and Visual.

  • Open and Integrated

    Leverage our Selenium Remote WebDriver and extend your functional and non-functional tests to unit testing tools such as Junit, TestNG, and others.

  • Test Real-user Experiences

    Extend Testing to Web and Mobile

    Using our continuous quality environment, you can quickly transition your web based code, including Selenium, to your mobile native / web / hybrid apps for both performance and functional testing .

  • Real Device Testing

    Faster Issues Resolution

    Foster agility with rich reports that include screenshots and videos that clearly demonstrate what went wrong during the manual or automated testing exercise.

  • Real Device Testing

    On-demand Availability

    The CQ Lab is instant on, always on. Your team can execute tests anytime, from anywhere with cloud access to real digital environments that are running under real world conditions.

Using Selenium? You are so cool!

Perfecto makes it easier for developers and QA teams to work together, and Selenium's support for all developer languages helps teams test earlier in the SDLC. That way they can release new apps and updates faster.

We bring Selenium test automation to the cloud through Selenium Remote WebDriver, allowing teams to develop and execute test code on real mobile devices and browsers in real time against real end-user conditions.

More About Selenium Testing


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Deliver the same experience cross-platform experience.

According to Criteo’s State of Mobile Commerce report, 4 out of 10 transactions today take place on multiple devices.

For Finn, he got a smart deal alert on his smart watch at 8 a.m. and his buyer journey began...

The mandate for app and website developers is clear. Break down the silo between web and mobile testing. It's time to look at usability and the platform used to consume data and services as a whole. It's your job to ensure that every transaction works consistently across every device and operating platform.

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