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Jenkins Plugin

Jenkins CI

Automate the Process of Continuous Integration

Achieve continuous quality for your mobile apps delivery using the Perfecto Plugin for Jenkins and increase release velocity without compromising quality. Use our unattended test code execution on real devices connected to live carrier networks. Leverage our Open API engine to quickly create wide-ranging test scenarios for functional and performance quality assurance.

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The Jenkins CI Plugin Advantage

Use your favorite mobile app development tools.

  • Test on Real Devices

    Unlimited Scalability and Device Elasticity

    Ramp up from single device testing to full, cross-platform load testing on hundreds of devices worldwide.

  • Fast Feedback Loop

    Enterprise Grade Service

    Our SLA based cloud and local deployment services are consistent, stable and secure, which is great for global, distributed team collaboration.

  • Idenitfy Risks in Production

    Leverage Existing Processes and Assets

    Your organization has already made technology investments and with Perfecto, you can connect your existing mobile app development tools to our Jenkins plugin in order to execute your test code against your hybrid cloud lab of real devices.

  • Improve Team Collaboration

    Enhance Mobile CI Workflow

    Test in real-user conditions, on real devices, in real-time with real network conditions across different geographies. Perfecto also supports continuous integration and Jenkins CI.

  • Test Anywhere, Anytime

    On-demand Availability

    Execute tests anytime, from anywhere with continuous access to a cloud-based test bed of active, carrier connected mobile devices

  • Automate Mobile App Testing

    Isolate and Resolve Problems Faster

    Get fast feedback from single test reports for all digital platforms. Rich media test reports (video, screenshots and logs) include critical information on CPU, memory cache, battery level and more.

Reduce the Risk of App Failures

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