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Appium Testing

Are you already using Appium?

The Appium appeal is easy to understand because it bridges the gap between QA managers and developers. But Appium testing has limitations that may prevent it from being truly enterprise ready.

Perfecto has re-implemented the Appium server so it can deliver stronger automated testing controls, mimic real user environments, and support the unique needs of today's Global 1000 companies.

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The Appium Advantage

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid and mobile web apps. Here is what the enterprise ready Perfecto Extension will do for you.

  • Deliver Great Apps Everytime

    Leverage What You Know

    If you already have experience with Selenium Remote WebDriver, popular programming languages and IDEs, the transition to our Appium Extension will be easy.

  • Improve Team Collaboration

    Zero Lab Set Up

    Extending Appium is easy as 1-2-3 by leveraging our cloud-based CQ Lab . Simply select the Appium server, pick the real devices your want to test on, and start functional testing.

  • Support Agile Transformation

    Better Test Coverage

    Add support for complex use cases that require interaction with the operating system, such as answering a call), or for when applications interact directly with one another.

  • Remote Manual Testing

    Mimic Real-user Conditions

    Use Appium within our CQ Lab to test applications that mimic real end-user environments such as network conditions and location changes.

  • Fast Feedback Loop

    Improve Test Reliability

    Our Appium Extension allows for hybrid object recognition, so you can use both native and visual methods to identify and validate objects.

  • Test Across Multiple Devices

    Get Richer Reports

    Add video recordings and device vitals data to your feedback reports for easy debugging.

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