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Android Studio IDE

Are you developing Android apps?

Android Studio IDE is one of today's leading development environments for Android app developers. It enables app developers and testers to quickly build, debug and test their apps across multiple platforms. Perfecto integrates with IntelliJ and offers a smart plugin into the Android Studio IDE - enabling DevTest teams to test across real mobile devices and desktop browsers.


Use Our Android Studio Plugin for Faster Development and Deployment

  • Accelerate Feedback Loop

    Improve collaboration between Dev and QA and accelerate app testing. Perform forward and backward app compatibility tests across multiple mobile devices, browsers and OS versions.

  • Test on Over 100 Real Devices

    Test Apps Under Real User Conditions

    Extend functional testing to real user condition testing and accelerate feedback of blind spots and "real-world" defects. Improve digital quality using Wind Tunnel capabilities from within the Android Studio IDE.

  • Improve Team Collaboration

    Enhance Mobile CI Workflow

    Test in real-user conditions, on real devices, in real-time with real network conditions across different geographies. Perfecto also supports continuous integration and Jenkins CI.

  • Test Anywhere, Anytime

    Leverage the Espresso Test Framework

    Develop Espresso tests for functional UI and unit tests. With Perfecto's support for Espresso, app development teams can enrich existing automation framework using Selenium, Appium, or Espresso.

  • Perform App Tests on Real Devices

    Test Across All Digital Platforms

    Your team can develop, test, deploy and optimize apps inside one digital test lab and on any digital environment, including Smartphones, Desktops, Tablets, Wearables and more.

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Features and Benefits of Our Android Studio IDE Plugin

# Capability Benefit
1 A Perfecto CQ Lab UI Plugin embedded in Android Studio that includes a test recorder and support for Perfecto Object Spy.
  • Can develop and execute tests in a single UI (one window) on real devices/browsers with zero lab set up and maintenance, saving time and resources
  • Testing on real devices / browsers better prepares your app for real world conditions./li>
2 Use Perfecto's Wind Tunnel™ to test user conditions from within Android Studio.
  • Accelerates feedback to developers about real-world defects in order to fix bugs quickly
3 Use test recorder to speed up Selenium and Appium testing.
  • Provides a starting point for new test developers to automate complex test scenarios
4 New Perfecto "Run" button that automatically installs and launches your Android app on multiple devices in the cloud.
  • Easier to do exploratory testing on multiple devices simultaneously, simplifying the troubleshooting process

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