Your Tools  

Android Studio / IntelliJ

Stay comfortable in the IDE you use all day. Perfecto offers a plugin to Android Studio, enabling teams to validate, debug, and troubleshoot apps on real devices instantly.  
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Speed up your Eclipse development projects. Stop simulating conditions and get better results with access to a pool of real devices actively connected to networks worldwide.  

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Visual Studio

Use The CQ Lab to seamlessly evaluate code functionality and performance on active, carrier-connected devices, and to provide your development team with feedback based on real-world conditions.    

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Test digital experiences from inside the HP framework. Our mobile testing solution enables agile development of extremely user-friendly, secure and high-performance mobile apps.    

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Your Frameworks


Using the world’s most popular web testing framework, develop and execute your tests reliably and continuously across a range of mobile and desktop target environments.

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Perfecto has re-implemented the Appium server so it can deliver enterprise-ready automated testing controls, mimic real user environments, and support the unique needs of today's Global 1000 companies.

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Run your automated UI tests reliably at high velocity across a variety of real Android devices, in various environments, under realistic user conditions to get the fast feedback you need to confidently ship your app.

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Execute instrumented iOS tests to prove that your app behaves as expected on real iPhone and iPad devices for all your users. 

Your Processes


Get the most value out of your automated tests by running them as part of your Jenkins projects and pipelines to move from bug detection to early defect prevention. 

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Other CI Platforms

Easily include test automation into continuous integration like Bamboo, TeamCity, Travis CI, and automated build processes through either our REST API or client libraries.




Control real devices and browsers in the Perfecto cloud using your favorite language from any process or platform. Full access to device automation, reporting, and resource management brings the power of the cloud to your fingertips.

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