Identify performance bottlenecks early and optimize the user experience by testing on real devices, under a variety of client-side and server-side conditions.

Our Test Automation facilitates continuous quality by integrating performance UX testing into each automated build using Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo or TFS. Measuring performance against mobile-specific KPIs, DevOps teams are able to gain actionable insights and launch with confidence, all while leveraging their existing commercial or open source tools to run their performance test code.


  • Optimize Experience
    Achieve production readiness and refine business assurance by measuring the end-user experience across full content delivery chain; convert adoption to engagement and then retention.
  • Eliminate Blindspots
    Identify business critical issues in advance by testing on real mobile devices, under real-world conditions; get complete insight into your true mobile end-user experience.
  • Real Conditions
    Extend your performance testing to mobile via a secure cloud; mirror the environment customers experience with real devices and real network conditions that are always available.
  • Rapid Adoption
    Leverage existing tools and expertise to ramp up efficiently; use HP LoadRunner, JMeter and other options that match your current workflows and preferences.
  • Actionable Insights
    Set and measure mobile application performance against your mobile-specific benchmarks; gain full insight into your application performance, device vitals, visual KPI’s and more.


Performance Testing In Real-world Conditions


  • Continuous quality – Create a consistent and reliable test environment that factors in network conditions, network virtualization, backend stress, DNS redirection and per-region devices.
  • Vary network conditions – Mimic user conditions by programmatically changing different network types (Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G, Edge) and packet flow (delay, loss, duplication, corruption and reordering) to measure mobile app behavior.
  • Detailed analysis – Optimize performance with detailed rich media reports, including UI elements, device vitals, traffic analysis and more for efficient debugging and analysis.
  • Self-service + zero infrastructure - Use the self-service option to design load tests and scale to production-volume within minutes via the cloud, without any IT coordination.
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Neoload integrates with MobileCloud for end-to-end performance testing.
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Now Supported - JMeter for cloud-based testing.
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