Ensure a flawless user experience by verifying the functionality and interoperability of your mobile app under complex, real-world scenarios.


The Interactive Solution enables you to perform remote manual testing on actual devices – connected to live networks – from any location, while using emulators as a complement to real devices.

  • Enhanced Mobile Quality
    Perform rapid real-world tests at against your user’s most commonly owned devices; extend test coverage to new devices as soon as they become available.
  • Scalability
    Scale your device matrix at a moment’s notice to include hundreds of real devices and emulators; run tests at any point the mobile development lifecycle.
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  • Collaboration
    Enable offshore and nearshore teams to instantly access remote devices for manual testing and support; facilitating efficient communication between distributed teams.
  • Visibility
    Gain greater visibility into test execution with unlimited, shared viewing; access rich media test reports to see step-by-step test execution along with device vitals.


Remote Manual Testing


  • Interoperability testing – Test your app against incoming calls, SMS messages, pop-ups and other “interruption events” from any location.
  • Coverage for edge use cases – Leverage the product for manual-specific use cases which are not typically supportable by test automation.
  • Full app quality visibility – Gain unique insights for your mobile app on a variety of devices with device vitals, logs and rich media reports.
  • Simplified manual testing – Use built-in widgets to test for common actions such as app install, deploy, text type and device gestures.
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