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Perfecto’s Private MobileCloud offers enterprises test automation capabilities. Learn more about our enterprise solutions

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Purchase exactly the hours you need on the public cloud

Perfect for developers testing every now and then

10 hours $250 ($25/hour)

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  • Device request/reservation is unavailable
  • Hours are valid for 3 months
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Do more pay less on the public cloud

Perfect for companies with limited ongoing need for mobile testing

  • Monthly
    Starting at $15/hour
  • Quarterly
    Starting at $13/hour
    Save 12%
  • Annual
    Starting at $10/hour
    Save 30%
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  • Subscription is automatically renewed at the end of the term
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Premium license

Use the public cloud as much as you want

Perfect for companies with growing ongoing need for mobile testing

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
    $1,821 ($607/Month)
    Save 12%
  • Annual
    $5,796 ($483/Month)
    Save 30%
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  • Access all handsets and tablets
  • All Subscription features included
  • Unlimited usage
  • Best price value (starting $0.67/hour)
  • No setup fee; No hidden costs
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  • MobileCloud for Android - Purchase hours on Android OS handsets only. 20 Monthly hours for $260 only Buy Now
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    Free Trial Pay Per
    Single OS
    Quarterly, Annual
    Handset offering
    Other ( Hundreds of Handsets)
    Disconnected Handsets [Details]
    Max reservation time unlimited unlimited 4 hours unlimited
    Request New Handsets
    Cuncurrent sessions
    Multiple online handset sharing
    Reports sharing
    Video exports
    Screenshot exports
    Session recording
    Hours 1 month 3 months According to plan (1, 3, 12 months)
    Private reports 1 month 3 months As long as you have an active plan
    Extra Value
    Application install
    File transfer
    Handset cleanup
    Handset log
    Call/SMS/email Me
    Over-the-air install
    Power cycle
    Unicode language typing
    Enterprise Solution
    Private dedicated devices
    Test Automation
    HP QTP/QC add-in
    Open API
    Administrative abilities
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    Price/Hour Discount Recurring Total Hours
    Total Price
    Pay Per Project 10 hours $25 0% 10 $250
    Subscription Monthly Subscription
    10 hours $17 0% 10 $170
    25 hours $16 6% 25 $400
    50 hours $15 12% 50 $750
    Quarterly Subscription
    30 hours $15 12% 30 $450
    75 hours $14 18% 75 $1,050
    150 hours $13 24% 150 $1,950
    Annual Subscription
    120 hours $12 30% 120 $1,440
    300 hours $11 35% 300 $3,300
    600 hours $10 41% 600 $6,000
    Premium License Unlimited License (Single User)
    Monthly $0.96 High! Unlimited $690
    Quarterly $0.84 High! Unlimited $1,821
    Yearly $0.67 High! Unlimited $5,796
    Android 20 Monthly Hours $13 52% 20 $260
    Enterprise solutions (private MobileCloud, automation, HP QC/UFT integration).find out more

MobileCloud™ Automation – Taking manual testing to the next level

MobileCloud™ Automation allows you to automate your manual testing.

Increase the coverage of your test cases and reduce the manual time invested.

Testing can be performed anytime, anywhere using Perfecto Mobile's SaaS-based MobileCloud Platform™ environment.

Patented ScriptOnce™ technology enables testers to create and run device-agnostic automated test scripts across multiple platforms, devices and OS versions. This allows you to develop an efficient and comprehensive test plan with maximum coverage to support the needs of today's highly fragmented mobile market.

Key Features

  • Device agnostic scripting – Test across diverse mobile application types (native, hybrid, HTML5) and devices.
  • Built-in keyword-based functions – Accelerate scripting and objects operations (Device Home, Back, Button Click, etc.).
  • 100% SaaS – Eliminate device procurement and complex device management logistics while enhancing collaboration.
  • Robust automation capabilities - Enable intensive functional and performance testing across device types around the globe.
  • Real devices and emulators - Support the full mobile application testing cycle.
  • Efficient Reporting – Publish rich and shareable test reports including device session data and more.
  • Hybrid object recognition - Support OCR/image [visual] and native object recognition
  • HP ALM tools integration with UFT Mobile

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  • Manual Mobile Testing Only
  • Mobile Test Automation
  • Mobile testing extension for HP ALM (UFT/QC)