Only Perfecto Mobile offers The Continuous Quality Lab, an on-demand infrastructure that enables the testing of mobile apps under any real-world end-user condition throughout all stages of the SDLC. Accelerate release frequency without compromising quality.

The CQ Lab Solutions At-A-Glance

The Continuous Quality LabRemote Manual Testing Test Automation Performance Testing Mobile Monitoring Unlimited Developer Tool Integrations Select the cloud configuration that works best for you.


Mobile Device Testing

Globally distributed data centers transform real devices into a centralized DevTest cloud lab.


How do I get started?

Simply sign up! Leverage your existing developer tools or access our native testing cloud.


Tangible Value

Don't take our word for it. Discover the Features and Benefits of The Continuous Quality Lab.


Is it right for me?

If you care about your customers mobile app user experience, Perfecto Mobile is right for you.

Real Devices, Anytime, Anywhere

Make sure your app works on the right devices.
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Scale up from locally managed devices to The Continuous Quality lab.

  • Centralized Yet Globally Accessible – Support your distributed teams and avoid redundant device investments for each team.
  • Device Governance – Fully manage quality resources. Apply access controls, user reservations and resource level version control required for maintaining a common baseline across test runs.
  • Shift Lab Management To The Cloud – Eliminate team responsibility to acquire and manage device inventory, monitor device check-in, check-out, ensure test readiness including charging and appropriately versioned. No standing in line to get most the newest device. Enjoy access to popular devices within hours of market availability.

We offer support for nearly 99% of the device/OS combinations on the market today - including legacy devices. We work closely with device manufacturers and carriers so that we have new releases within hours of public availability.

Supported Device List

How Do I Get Started?

The Continuous Quality Lab

It’s easy. Out of the box, The CQ Lab will fully integrate with your development and test tool ecosystem. This ensures quality will be embedded seamlessly into your team's IDE (including all relevant programming languages), CI server, and test frameworks - no matter if you use commercial, free or open source tools.

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A Flexible Infrastructure

Flexible Cloud Configurations

Leverage your existing technology investments and choose the cloud configuration that is best for your team and business.

Public, Shared Cloud

Ideal for small testing teams who want quick access to real devices.

Private, Hosted Cloud

Extremely secure with unlimited access to a pool of dedicated devices.

On-premises Cloud

A local testing lab at your fingertips.

The Hybrid Cloud

Perfect for projects with many test cycles and remote teams.


Tangible Value

Learn the secret to great mobile apps


Fast ROI
Remote access supports distributed team access to a centralized sets of real devices. Offshore testing on in-market devices reduces cost and delivers complete coverage of test requirements. Collaboration tools and reporting help eliminate defects declared non-reproducible.

Near Zero Learning Curve:
Use the commercial and open sources tools you already know. Our Open API provides easy integration with ALM offerings from Microsoft, IBM and HP - along with support for popular open source IDEs (e.g., Eclipse), test frameworks (e.g., Selenium, Calabash), build automation (e.g., Jenkins), BDD (e.g., Cucumber). The CQ Lab offers easy-to-install extensions into your Dev > Build > Deploy environment.
Enterprise Grade Security
Strong security supports IT's requirements to comply with strict data governance policies. Our centrally data centers provide SLA backed test readiness and Administrative user management. Priviledge-based access restricts access to lab devices supported with log reporting.
Extend Existing ALM to Mobile 
Easily connect your HP, IBM, Microsoft or other ALM suites to The CQLab and leverage your existing app testing and monitoring tools, and workflows.


Continuous Quality Across the SDLC
Execute functional and non-functional testing for build sanity testing and user acceptance through to proactive live mobile monitoring. The CQLab supports test automation, performance testing and synthetic monitoring of mobile apps. It also provides data on every element in the content delivery chain such as device vitals, network load, backend server response, and more.

Cross Platform Test Automation (ScriptOnce™)
Write one test and run it anywhere in parallel on multiple device types. Develop test code is Java, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, Perl or Python to reduce test duration and minimize escaped defects.
Device Management

Infinite Access to REAL Mobile Devices
Easy and secure cloud-based testing on real mobile devices. Access thousands of devices during any stage of your app development lifecycle and from anywhere within your organization. Read more about security >

Open API’s and Extensions
REST based APIs offers unlimated developer integrations to various IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio, UFT/QTP, Xcode), test frameworks (Selenium, Calabash, etc.), and build automation tools (Jenkins, etc.).  Innovative teams leverage our Open API to optimize existing Dev > Build > Deploy workflows. 

Is The CQLab Right For My Company?

Happy Mobile App Users Are Cool

You owe it to your company’s reputation, your team, and your end users to build better mobile apps with this enterprise-proven, production-grade system. But don’t just take our word for it. Thousands of companies including 10 of the top 20 largest enterprises in the world use The CQ Lab to bring mobile apps to market quickly and reliably, improving business results associated with their mobile app strategies.

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Continuously optimize mobile apps.