What Is The MobileCloud Platform?

The MobileCloud Platform is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based mobile application quality management platform, powering Perfecto Mobile's suite of mobile testing & monitoring products. This 100% SaaS-based platform enables users to access real smartphones and tablets, as well as emulators, globally and across carriers. Perfecto Mobile offers a set of tight integrations with market-leading testing tools and development environments, enabling organizations to cost-effectively extend their existing Application Lifecycle Management tools and workflows to mobile. Using the MobileCloud platform and products, enterprises can assure end-to-end mobile application quality and deploy their apps with confidence.


Manage, control and secure all mobile devices allowing enterprise-grade IT governance


Keep up with the pace of mobile by running automated test scenarios across multiple devices with our patented “script once, test all” technology (ScriptOnceTM)


Enable collaboration between globally distributed teams through cost-effective sharing, access control and rich-media reporting

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Device Governance Ensure that all of your devices are centrally managed, controlled and adhere to IT standards and regulations (HIPAA, GLBA, etc.).

Enterprise grade security Built-in security features help IT managers to ensure that corporate data access remains restricted and all connected devices are used only for authorized activities.
Cost effective Offshore / distribute your product testing and development to reduce costs while ensuring efficient collaboration among teams.
Extend existing ALM to mobile Easily connect your HP, IBM, Microsoft or other ALM suites to the MobileCloud and leverage your existing testing and monitoring tools and workflows.


Cross platform automation (ScriptOnce™): Device-agnostic scripting lets you write test scripts once and re-use across multiple platforms. Used for performance/ monitoring/ regression testing, reducing test cycle times.
Remote device access: Easily and securely access the devices under test using your browser without the need for software installation (Local option is also available).
Open APIsThe MobileCloud is built as an open platform using REST based APIs, allowing for seamless integrations of existing application testing and development solutions (e.g. Selenium, Jenkins).
Rich media reporting suite: Access both screenshots and video reports for Interactive, Automation, Performance and Monitoring testing activities.


How It Works
The MobileCloud™ Platform enables organizations to support their mobile needs throughout the entire application lifecycle. It supports a full suite of solutions that allow enterprises and individual application developers to perform interactive remote device access, automated functional testing, performance testing and real-device monitoring of mobile applications on real smartphones and tablets operating in live carrier networks worldwide. The MobileCloud™ is available via flexible deployment options – MobileCloud Express (local cloud), Enterprise Private Cloud (Dedicated) or Public Cloud (shared) - according to each organization's needs and constraints. 
Perfecto Mobile's platform easily integrates with all major ALM product suites in the market, including HP, IBM and Microsoft, enabling enterprises to extend their existing ALM suites to mobile with minimum hassle and investment.  Open HTTP APIs facilitates integration with open-source testing tools and IDEs, such as Selenium and Eclipse, for test development, execution and debugging as well as continuous integration solutions like Jenkins.
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Deployment Options
MobileCloud Express (Local)

"Cloud-in-a-box” solution that lets you quickly set up a mobile application testing lab in-house, enabling groups of testers to access a local cloud of mobile devices from the corporate network. Read more 

MobileCloud Private (Dedicated)

Private enterprise cloud with dedicated devices in a highly secure environment. Available as a hosted service or on-premises. Read more

MobileCloud Public (Shared)

Shared cloud comprising the top 100 devices in the market, constantly updated in accordance with market trends and customer requests. Read more