Whether you're a newbie in the initializing stage or you're confidently doing monthly releases of a five-star app, use the Quality Maturity Model to assess your progress and get the training and resources you need to reach continuous quality.

Where Are You in the Mobile Quality Lifecycle?

Quality Maturity Model
Continuous Quality

Packaged Services

TransitioningLevel 3 - Transitioning

You're releasing new apps every 45-60 days, but it just isn't fast enough. You need to jump start your automation efforts and achieve shortened test cycles. Our transition team will ensure that you are taking advantage of the robust automation features of The CQ Lab, and that your team is equipped with the expertise they need to deliver better apps faster.

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IntegrationLevel 4 - Integration

Your team is now releasing new apps and upgrades monthly. With this velocity comes the need to improve platform coverage and centralize your testing environment. Our integration team will ensure that you are leveraging an automation framework and building in performance testing cycles.

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Continuous QualityLevel 5 - Continuous Quality

By now, Continuous Quality is so close and your CQ Lab is evolving. The final step is to increase release frequency and platform coverage, and improve test automation even more. You'll also need to leverage your CI Tools so you can automate testing during your build cycles. Our team is ramped up to help you with the final and most important steps to achieving continuous quality. Your managed testing lab awaits you.

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A la Carte

A La Carte Professional Services

Achieving Continuous Quality doesn't come easy, but our Professional Services team is here to help. If you'd prefer to select the services that work best for your team and environment, check out our menu of professional services.