Our Jenkins plug-in accelerates the release cycle for new mobile apps and services *

Better testing using real devices inside the continuous integration environment


Development teams can now leverage test automation earlier in the QA process with the MobileCloud Jenkins plug-in. This plug-in enables development teams to automatically run sanity tests using real devices during regression testing in each mobile application build, which increases confidence and supports earlier defect identification. The plug-in leverages Perfecto Mobile’s ScriptOnce API and enables development teams to effortlessly shift from using emulators to real cloud-based devices.  

The MobileCloud Jenkins plug-in enables mobile apps to automatically upload from within the Jenkins build “job” to the MobileCloud Platform, where the app is installed on real mobile devices. It then launches a pre-defined regression test script and generates a detailed report, allowing developers to get early warnings of bugs and correct them prior to the QA stage. By using the MobileCloud Jenkins plug-in, organizations can streamline the release cycle by delivering more mature and robust mobile apps to QA for a full mobile application test cycle (functional, performance, UI  testing).


MobileCloud Jenkins BENEFITS

  • Detects bugs early – get immediate test report with image and video capture to analyze slipped bugs and shorten TTM
  • Enables Jenkins to be Mobile-Ready – automatically test your mobile application daily as part of your Jenkins build and test for regression bugs
  • Supports continuous integration – using Perfecto Mobile’s solution, organizations can seamlessly go through the cycle of application build, deployment on multiple real test devices and automated testing across devices
  • Allows teams to test from anywhere using real devices located anywhere – Using SaaS platform which supports on/near/off shoring of test teams with real-time online device video sharing of test execution. Share rich media reports documenting test results between distributed teams 


  • Automatic mobile application upload – at the end of each build, the plug-in automatically runs your tests on the built application
  • Device agnostic scripting – Test across diverse mobile application (native, hybrid, HTML5) types and devices
  • Link to a rich media reporting from within Jenkins– view a rich and shareable test report including mobile operating system logs
  • 100% SaaS – Eliminate device procurement and complex device management logistics while enhancing collaboration
  • Robust automation capabilities - Support intensive functional and performance testing across device types around the globe


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