Solution - Mobile Testing Center of Excellence

Business Case

Mobile enterprises realize that they need a centralized and collaborative resource to address the challenges of mobile platform fragmentation and cope with the growing complexity of mobile testing.

In mobile test development, execution and other activities are often performed by geographically disparate teams. These teams require a governed organizational resource that enables them to collaborate, share and work in an efficient and productive manner. 

This resource is known as a Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (MTCOE) and should be equipped with a core set of mobile devices in a private, secured and managed cloud, covering all major device families and operating systems.  A centralized, cloud-based MTCOE enables enterprises to offshore testing activities and make effective use of remote teams to streamline the testing process. 

The MCOE acts as a hub for mobile testing services, and should provide the full set of tools needed to perform manual and interoperability testing, automated functional testing, performance testing and production monitoring.

Collaborative Mobile Testing Center of Excellence Challenges

  • Cost-effective support for offshore teams – leveraging remote offshore teams for mobile testing in a cost-effective manner
  • Device shipment and management – handling the logistics of shipping, setting up and managing devices with remote teams in different time zones
  • Seamless collaboration – allowing distributed teams to collaborate and share the testing activities in a seamless manner
  • Centralization - having a centralized cloud based organizational resource for global team usage
  • Compliance and security – adhering to strict industry regulations and being able to produce relevant evidence of proper quality testing for the organization applications
  • Integrated with existing ALM tools  – extending existing processes, tools and investments for mobile testing with remote teams

Perfecto Mobile Solution for Collaborative Mobile Testing Center of Excellence

Perfecto Mobile offers a collaborative cloud-based solution that specifically addresses these key challenges. Based on the MobileCloud™ Platform, this end-to-end MTCOE solution enables distributed organizations to deploy mobile applications with confidence for end users in a cost-effective manner.

 The MobileCloud Platform is a collaborative and centralized resource that allows all members of the SDLC chain (business analysts, developers, testers, performance engineers and IT operations) to remotely access hundreds of REAL mobile devices (smartphones, phablets and tablets) in a secured and governed environment.  This platform also facilitates collaboration and enables globally distributed teams to share a device in "live" testing, produce rich media reports and replicate issues for improved troubleshooting. At the same time, a secure private cloud configuration provides for true, enterprise-grade security and full control over your mobile devices.

Perfecto Mobile's platform easily integrates with the major ALM product suites in the market, including HP, IBM and Microsoft. This allows organizations to extend their existing ALM suite to mobile with minimum hassle and investment.

The MobileCloud™ Platform serves as a central strategic resource across the enterprise IT environment, enabling full governance over all mobile devices used in your SDLC processes with the highest possible level of security, quality and service.

Solution Components

  • Cloud based environment – Public, Private or MobileCloud Express (Localized cloud)
  • Cross platform automationScriptOnce™ scripting for efficient and cost-effective test automation development
  • ALM integrations – MobileCloud smoothly connects to ALM tools such as HP, IBM and Microsoft, as well as other open source tools using REST-based API’s
  • MobileCloud Performance – mobile performance test development and execution on real devices, providing real-life insights into application performance prior to actual production
  • MobileCloud Monitoring – receiving alerts in real-time when the mobile application response time is slow or when a mobile service is down, helping to reduce your MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution)

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