MobileCloud for TFS is a jointly developed product by Perfecto Mobile and Microsoft. The product enables you to accelerate time-to-market for new mobile apps and speed up their change cycles with minimum risk exposure. This enterprise-grade, cloud-based integration lets you run automated mobile application testing on real smartphones and tablets preferred by your target markets worldwide – regardless of where you are, as well as supporting mobile emulators.  Test and review your execution reports all from within Visual Studio.
As a close partner of Microsoft, Perfecto Mobile is the first and only solution which already provides full support to the newly announced Microsoft TFS 2013 (Consists of both Team Foundation Server and Team Foundation Service).

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Plugin Download
Download the MobileCloud for TFS plug-in from here:

The Advantages of MobileCloud for TFS for your Enterprise

  • Simple  – extend your existing Microsoft TFS environment toward mobile testing with a simple add-on installation to your existing Microsoft TFS environment
  • Scalable – efficiently scale up your testing by automating the mobile test scripts and instantly port them to multiple platforms and networks
  • Mobile governance - avoid the risk and operational costs of procuring and maintaining your own mobile device pool with a secure, centrally managed and fully governed enterprise cloud
  • Enhanced Quality – execute Perfecto Mobile test scripts from within Microsoft TFS framework, and receive insightful and rich media test results from within the TFS interface
  • Collaborative – real-time online sharing of devices and rich media test reports facilitate collaboration between local and globally distributed teams


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Key Capabilities 

  • Real Devices – test on large variety of real Tablets and Smartphones on a variety of mobile operating systems
  • Mobile Objects – automation ready environment which supports all mobile objects (OS Level, Visual and DOM)
  • Device-agnostic keyword-based scripting - patented ScriptOnce™ technology enables advanced device-agnostic scripting, such as dynamic test and image searching on the device screen 
  • Complete environment - rich IDE for test automation development with full scripting capabilities (Loops, Conditions, Debugging capabilities, image and text checkpoints, data driven test development and more)
  • Rich media reports - media-rich reports, including shareable screenshots and videos, are generated for each test execution