MobileCloud Performance offers cloud-based load testing to measure and optimize mobile applications to meet business success criteria.

MobileCloud™ Performance delivers pre-production insight to performance bottlenecks. Identify network and resource utilization challenges using real devices under real conditions. Optimize then predict production round trip transaction times to meet business success criteria. Mitigate deployment risks of diminished adoption, customer churn and financial losses.


Eliminate Blind Spots
Eliminate Blind Spots
Identify business critical issues in advance by testing on real devices in real-world conditions.
Avoid device procurement and management
Use the enterprise-grade MobileCloud™ platform to remotely access devices worldwide.
Self Service
Simple self-service option allows users to design load tests and scale to production-volume (100,000s) in minutes.
Test Locally, Collaborate Globally
Remotely test on local devices and networks. Pre-integrated with market-leading performance solution vendors. Use the same integrated platform for pre and post production testing and monitoring.
Leverage existing tools and knowhow
Choose what fits your workflow best; HP LoadRunner or JMeter in the cloud.
Enhance Business Results Predictability
Get valuable insight into your true mobile end-user experience.


Neoload integrates with MobileCloud for end-to-end performance testing.
Now Supported - JMeter for cloud-based testing.
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  • Real device insight
    Understanding user experience on a variety of real mobile devices and platforms
  • Zero infrastructure 
    Load test from the cloud without IT coordination. Design the scenario, upload, get results in minutes
  • Network conditions impact
    Gaining comprehensive insight into the mobile service behavior under sub-optimal network conditions
  • Server load impact
    Measuring the impact of application server load on the mobile experience
  • Mobile-specific measurements 
    Metrics aligned with what users care most about
  • Enterprise-grade
    Secured and governed mobile performance testing, with 24/7 support assures a robust testing solution
  • Flexible MobileCloud deployment (SaaS/OnPrem/Hybrid)
    Choose to host your MobileCloud or deploy locally for full control and management of the mobile devices under test
  • Rich reporting
    Including screenshots and video reports for efficient debugging and analysis of the testing cycle